Faculty of Information Technology, BUT

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Aplikace pro evidenci lokalit distribučních a koncových bodů telekomunikační sítě

Created: 2015

English title
Software for registering distribution and end points of telecommunication network
required - licence fee
Hájek Josef, Ing., Ph.D. (DITS FIT BUT)
Šimara Svatopluk, Bc. (FIT BUT)
Martiš Adam, Bc. (FIT BUT)
Drahanský Martin, prof. Ing., Dipl.-Ing., Ph.D. (DITS FIT BUT)
telecommunication network, distribution points
The result is aplication for registering of network nodes with tree structure. Aplication have object orientated information structure. It's designed for description of network nodes to level of cable cabinets. For every node there is  an object for storing information about installed technology, structure and network interconnection, contracts with building owners, energetic consumption, etc. Editation and viewing of objects is driven by users permisions. 

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