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Nástroj pro analýzu a vizualizaci dat z hlasování Zastupitelstva města Brna

Created: 2022

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Tool for Analysis and Visualization of Brno City Council Voting Data
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Zaklová Kristýna, Ing. (FIT BUT)

City Council, vote, visualization, MMB, ZMB, Brno, React, Flask, MySQL


The tool was created as a further step in the City of Brno's efforts to share data from its activities transparently. The dataset representing voting of the Brno City Council (Zastupitelstvo města Brna) members is available within the 2021 dataset, which is published in the National Open Data Catalogue of the Czech Republic (Národní katalog otevřených dat, NKOD,

The primary goal of the tool is to process and visualize data from the real votes of Brno City Council members. The application has a client-server architecture, where the server part was created in the Flask framework and the front-end in the React library using components of the PrimeReact library. The data is stored in a MySQL relational database, which allows deriving new information from the supplied data, e.g. the affiliations of the representatives to political parties, including time intervals.

The tool allows viewing basic information about the council, overviews of political parties, councilors, meetings, and votes. It is possible to navigate between these reports quickly thanks to the interactive graphical elements of the PrimeReact library. Then, the detailed reports show, for example, the attendance of councilors or a summary of their votes in the form of interactive graphs. The analytic views provide the attendance of all councilors and a comparison of selected councilors.

The result was deployed within on data portal of the city of Brno:


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