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BUTCube - Communnication

Created: 2022

Czech title
BUTCube - Komunikační deska
functional specimen
required - optional free
Rydlo Štěpán, Ing. (DITS FIT BUT)
Malaník Petr, Ing. (DITS FIT BUT)

cube-sat, mission demonstrator, communication board, satellite, 1U concept


Satellite communication board manage basic communication which is beacon, define GPS coordinates of the satellite and transfer data to tha base station. The board allow to get data directly from the camera or receiveing data from the control board using QSPI interface.

The board has main stack connector to connection between another boards in the system. The part of this connector is redundat power supply creating from two independet power branche. The next is communication interface QSPI for transport bigger mount of the data as images from camera. The last communication intefaces on this connector is CAN bus and after manage communication the board can use RS-458 bus.

The part of the board is communication beacon which transmitting basic information about satellite (GPS coordinates, batery status, mission status, etc.). The message of the beaceon is repeating in the loop with actual data. This part must be place in the satellite and it is created using open-source implementation OpenLST. Second communication is GPS receiver, which is define the position of the satelite and sending this data to flicght controler board. The last implemented wireless communication is nRF technology, which allow to transmit images from the satelite demostrator.


The product is physically located at the FSI - Institude of aerospace engineering. Production documentation and source code are available at the link below.

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