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REPOMO32kit - univerzální evaluační platforma pro polymorfní elektroniku

Created: 2009

English title
REPOMOkit - universal evaluation platform for polymorphic electronics
functional specimen
no - optional free
polymorphic gate, polymorphic electronics, evaluation platform, reconfiguration
This evaluation platform contains DIL-28 socket for an integrated circuit with polymorphic gates, which may be configured by means of external switches or signals. Set of fast buffers is deployed in order to separate available input ports from the surrounding environment. Auxilliary CPLD component is responsible for input signals processing tasks but also brings the output signals to an array of LED inditacors and output connector.

Flexible power system is virtually divided into several independent branches, which delivers power supply within a range of 3.3V - 5V to the individual components onboard. In addition, several jumpers or external signal enable the user to choose between fixed and adjustable power sources according to the nature of a given application. In case of need, a heated chamber may be placed over DIL-28 socket. Heating process control and temepature measurement is done with the integreated microcontroller, that is attached to USB interface.
Department of Computer Systems, Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology
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