Project Details

Aktivita A2 - Transformace formy a obsahu vzdělávání na Vysokém učení technickém v Brně

Project Period: 1. 7. 2022 - 31. 5. 2024

Project Type: grant

Agency: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Czech Republic

Program: Výzva pro VŠ v rámci NPO

English title
Transformation of the education form and content at the Brno University of Technology

transformation of education, digitization of teaching, blended learning


Aim A2: The project is focused on the development of online and distance learning opportunities at FIT, including the possibility of use in blended learning. The aim of the project is to prepare BUT FIT for the challenges of modern society, but also to respond to the recent pandemic situation and use experience so that the teaching process can be implemented without the need for personal presence of students at classes wherever it is possible and where it will not be detrimental. the quality of the educational process. This will also strengthen the possibilities of educating students with special needs, especially by enabling study in a comfortable environment that respects their needs, reduce mobility to the necessary extent and the ability to adapt the pace of study to their needs. At the same time, we will focus on direct teaching with the possibility of students' interaction with teachers; we understand distance learning (especially self-study from the supplied materials) as an additional option.

Team members
Růžička Richard, doc. Ing., Ph.D., MBA (UPSY FIT VUT) , research leader
Čiháková Lucie, Ing. (VCIT FIT VUT)
Kocmanová Martina, Ing. (VCIT FIT VUT)
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