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Design and Detection of Local Geometric Features for Deformable Marker Fields

HORVÁTH Zsolt, HEROUT Adam, SZENTANDRÁSI István and ZACHARIÁŠ Michal. Design and Detection of Local Geometric Features for Deformable Marker Fields. In: Proceedings of 29th Spring conference on Computer Graphics. Bratislava: Comenius University in Bratislava, 2013, pp. 85-92. ISBN 978-80-223-3377-1.
Czech title
Návrh a detekce lokálních geometrických rysů pro deformovatelná pole markerů
conference paper

augmented reality, deformable marker field, local geometric features


This paper sketched out the concept of the Honeycomb Marker Fields - a highly deformable and occlusion-tolerant marker field. We focused on the design of the Y-junctions, the visual image features which appear between the modules (cells) of the marker field. As the main contribution, we presented an algorithm for real-time and robust detection of the Y-junctions, and its experimental evaluation. The specialized Y-junction detection algorithm outperforms a general interest point detector (FAST) in the detection performance. The measurements thus lead to conclusion that for applications which can accept a marker field as a fiduciary pattern, the reliability and performance can be significantly improved. Based on the presented detector of Y-junctions and the preliminary HMF detector, we plan for the closest future to construct a robust and fast detector of the marker field and showcase it on selected applications. Thanks to the performance of the Y-junction detector, the algorithm is expected to be functional on today's ultramobile devices. The next step thus will be to implement it for some of the popular smartphone platforms.


A major limitation of contemporary fiduciary markers is that they are either very small (they try to represent a single point in the space) or they must be planar in order to be reasonably detectable. A deformable large-scale marker or marker field that would be efficiently detectable is the objective of this work. We propose a design of such a marker field - the Honeycomb Marker Field. It is composed of symmetric hexagons, whose triplets of modules meet at "Y-junctions". We present an efficient detector of these image features - the Y-junctions. Thanks to the specific appearance of these synthetic image features, the algorithm can be very efficient - it only visits a small fraction of the image pixels in order to detect the Y-junctions reliably. The experiments show that compared to a general feature point detector (FAST was tested), the specialized Y-junctions detector offers better detection reliability.

Proceedings of 29th Spring conference on Computer Graphics
Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2013, Smolenice, SK
Comenius University in Bratislava
Bratislava, SK
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