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BBB-Voting: 1-out-of-k Blockchain-Based Boardroom Voting with Fault Recovery

LI Zengpeng, SZALACHOWSKI Pawel, VENUGOPALAN Sarad and HOMOLIAK Ivan. BBB-Voting: 1-out-of-k Blockchain-Based Boardroom Voting with Fault Recovery. In: 2023, p. 15.
conference paper
Li Zengpeng ()
Szalachowski Pawel, Dr. (SUTD)
Venugopalan Sarad (SUTD)
Homoliak Ivan, Ing., Ph.D. (DITS FIT BUT)

Voting is a means to agree on a collective decision based on choices available (e.g., candidates) where participants (voters) agree to abide by their outcome. To improve trust in voting, decentralized solutions based on a blockchain can be employed. A blockchain ensures that all entities in the voting system have the same view of the actions made by others due to the immutable log. Existing blockchain-based boardroom voting implementation called Open Voting Network (OVN) supports only two candidates. We present a blockchain-based approach for decentralized 1-out-of-k voting and provide a cost-optimized implementation using Ethereum. We resolve the problem of stalling participants by a fault recovery protocol.Finally, we compare our implementation with OVN and show that our work achieves comparable costs in terms of gas consumption.

2023 (in print)
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