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Scientific Publishing A to Z

VDD Acad. year 2022/2023 Winter semester

Current academic year

The course guide students through the process of creating of a scholarly text. In the first chapters, the course focuses on the collection of information from available electronic resources, their correct use and quoting. Next chapters provide the tips for creating a scholarly text and choosing a suitable journal for publishing. In the last chapters the course focuses on the dissemination of the results of the scientific work and the citation analyses.


Language of instruction

Czech, English


Examination (oral)

Time span

  • 8 hrs seminar

Assessment points

  • 100 pts final exam


ÚK středisko Antonínská (ÚK)

Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

The student will know the basic sources of scientific information from pre-paid databases at BUT as well as freely available information sources and patent databases. He will be able to cite the literature correctly. He/she will be familiar with the basic principles of creating a scientific text and the basics of the publishing process. He/she will be able to find a suitable journal for publishing the text and in relation to the evaluation of science in the Czech Republic. He will know the basic possibilities to promote the results of the scientific work in the online environment. Will be able to perform citation analysis of the publishing results using various tools.

Learning objectives

The aim of the course is to show students the possibilities of searching for scientific information, processing the information into a scholarly text and acquaint them with the principles of ethical use of information. Students will also got an overview of the evaluation of science in the Czech Republic and will be able to choose the appropriate journal or conference to present their scientific results. The course will also help them with the promotion of their work and subsequent analyses of the success of their texts.

Prerequisite knowledge and skills

Basic knowledge of working with PC and Internet.

Study literature

  • MAREK Jiří, Petra DĚDIČOVÁ a Jan SKŮPA. Open acces na VUT v Brně. Brno: Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Ústřední knihovna, 2014.
    ÚŘAD VLÁDY ČR. Metodika hodnocení výzkumných organizací a hodnocení programů účelové podpory výzkumu, vývoje a inovací. 2017. Dostupné také z:
    Ústřední knihovna - VUT v Brně [online]. Brno: VUT, 2018 [cit. 2018-07-31]. Dostupné z:
    WALLWORK, Adrian. English for writing research papers. New York: Springer, 2011. ISBN 978-1-4419-7921-6.

Syllabus of seminars

  1. Creative techniques for choosing a topic
  2. Electronic information resources
  3. Journal/conference selection, Evaluation of science
  4. Writing a scientific article
  5. Referencing
  6. Reference management software
  7. Publishing process and copyright
  8. Citation analyses and altmetrics
  9. Promoting the results of scientific work

Progress assessment

The definition of the controlled education and the way of its implementation are stipulated by the updated guarantor's annual regulation.

Controlled instruction

The course is taught in the form of e-learning using the LMS Moodle and through individual consultations.

Exam prerequisites

To pass the course successfully, it is necessary to pass the assigned tasks in individual chapters for at least 50%.

Course inclusion in study plans

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