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Semester Project (in English)

SEPe Acad. year 2022/2023 Winter semester 5 credits

Current academic year

Students will receive an individual project specification from various computer science areas in order to work them out individually under supervision of skilled leaders. Students will proceed as follows: problem analysis, solution, verification, implementation, documentation, presentation. During their work, the students will follow all the required instructions concerning requests on contents and volume of the project, the project adjustment, the literature, the language quality and written report typography as well as project parts consigned in the electronic form. The course is successfully completed when the written report and realised project outputs are given to the departmental/faculty committe and defended.


Course coordinator

Language of instruction



Classified Credit (written+oral)

Time span

  • 65 hrs projects

Assessment points

  • 100 pts projects


Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Knowledge and experience with engineering project building and its documentation.

Learning objectives

The fundamental goal of this course is to support the individual creative student work during the engineering project solving, its formal description and defence.

Compulsory co-requisites

Study literature

  • A Guide To The Project Management Body Of Knowledge, Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute, 2013, ISBN 978-1-935589-67-9.
  • ISO 2145:1978: Documentation - Numbering of divisions and subdivisions in written documents.
  • ISO 7144:1986: Documentation - Presentation of theses and similar documents.
  • ISO 690:2010: Information and documentation -- Guidelines for bibliographic references and citations to information resources.

Progress assessment

Consultations with student's supervisor, submission of written technical report with realisation outputs and its defence in front of the commission.

Exam prerequisites

Hand in technical report. The extent of technical report must be at least 25 standard pages (usually 40 - 50, no more than 60).
Defense of a project with a minimum of 50 points. Note that successful SEPe is the compulsory prerequisite for the "DIPe - Master's Thesis Abroad".

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