Course details

German for Lower-Intermediate 2

XPC-NE4 FEKT XPC-NE4 Acad. year 2022/2023 Summer semester 3 credits

Current academic year

A general German language course for pre-intermediate students following XPC-NE3 course. Emphasis is placed on the communication in everyday situations and practical skills.  


Language of instruction




Time span

  • 26 hrs exercises



Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Students should be able to communicate in everyday situations when travelling or studying abroad.

Learning objectives

Enhancing the communication skills of pre-intermediate students at A2 level. 

Syllabus of seminars

  1. Aussehen und Charakter 
  2. Präteritum war, hatte;Perfekt nicht trennbare Verben 
  3. Haushalt 
  4. Imperativ (du/ihr);Personalpronomen im Akkusativ 
  5. Kleidung
  6. Komparation
  7. Wetter 
  8. Modalverben
  9. Regeln 
  10. Wortbildung; Konjunktion denn 
  11. Feste und Feiern 
  12. Konjunktiv II würde;Ordinalzahlen  
  13. Semester Test

Progress assessment

Course requirements: regular active attendance in the lessons, written and spoken assignments.

Course evaluation: written semester test and spoken exam.

Teaching methods and criteria

Practising the acquired language skills, vocabulary and basic grammar aimed at enhancing the students' communication skills. 

Course inclusion in study plans

  • Programme BIT, 2nd year of study, Elective
  • Programme BIT (in English), 2nd year of study, Elective
  • Programme IT-BC-3, field BIT, 2nd year of study, Elective
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