Field of Study Details

Management and Information Technologies

Abbreviation: MMI

Length of Study: 2 years

Min. Credits: 120

Degree Programme: Information Technology

Language of Instruction: Czech

Form of Study: full-time

Accredited from: 2005 Accredited till: 2024

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The education of specialists and managers focused on information technologies, programming, computer graphics and business administration.

Key learning outcomes

Student of the Follow-Up Master Degree Programme acquire deeper knowledge in a chosen branch of study and will give him knowledge and skills base to analyse, design and verification of problems solved in research and scientific as well as in the practice This guarantee that the alumni will be successful creative worker in the appropriate information technology branch.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

An alumnus of the master degree programme is ready to solve problems of information technology in praxis with utilization of contemporary scientific knowledge independently. The alumnus is able to act as an independent creative worker in the appropriate information technology branch, namely information systems and their security and safety, intelligent systems, computer systems, networks and communications, computer graphics and multimedia or a leader of a team composed of workers of various branches of IT.

Extent of the State Final Examinations

The State Final Examination has two parts: A defence of the Master Thesis, and a discussion based on selected topics from the course "Management and Information Technologies" which is derived from compulsory courses of the MIT Branch of Study as Theoretical Computer Science, Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, Functional and Logic Programming, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Project Management, Image Processing, Economics of Information Products, Strategic Management of Information Systems, Marketing, Strategic Management, and Economics for Managers. The areas of possible questions must be approved by the Study Branch Council, and students will be informed about the selected topics at least 2 months before the state final examination is held in the particular academic year. The discussion will be held on two topics.

Examples of theses
  • Efficiency of information system
  • Strategic planning of introducing a new software product on the market
  • Cost optimization of selected businesses
  • Evaluation of a financial health of a company
  • Strategic planning of company's development
  • Innovation of a marketing campaign for a current product
  • Prediction of progress in economy by using advanced statistical methods
  • Use of fuzzy logic for a prediction of capital market trends

Master's theses are stored at the FIT library, Božetěchova 2, Brno. The list of the master's theses, including the details is available at:

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