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Modern Flight Control System Design and Evaluation

Ph.D. Thesis Student: Vlk Jan Academic Year: 2020/2021 Supervisor: Chudý Peter, doc. Ing., Ph.D. MBA
Czech title
Návrh a evaluace moderních systémů řízení letu

This thesis addresses the research on modern methods in automatic Flight Control System design and evaluation, as seen from the perspective of state-of-the-art and future utilization on Unmanned Aerial Systems. The thesis introduces a Flight Control System design process with a special emphasis on the Model-Based Design approach. An integral part of this process is the creation of the aircraft's mathematical model employed in the flight control laws synthesis and the composition of a simulation framework for the evaluation of the automatic Flight Control System's stability and performance. The core of this thesis is aimed at flight control laws synthesis built around a unique blend of optimal and adaptive control theory. The researched flight control laws originating from the proposed design process were integrated into an experimental digital Flight Control System. The final chapter of the thesis introduces the evaluation of the designed automatic Flight Control System and is divided into three phases. The first phase contains the Robustness Evaluation, which investigates the stability and robustness of the designed control system within the frequency domain. The second phase is the controller's Performance Evaluation employing computer simulations using created mathematical models in the time domain. As for the final phase, the designed Flight Control System is integrated into an experimental aircraft platform, serving as a testbed for future Unmanned Aerial Systems, and subjected to a series of flight tests. 


Adaptive Control; Aircraft; Equations of Motion; Flight Control System; Flight Parameters; Kalman Filter; Optimal Control; State Estimation; System Linearization; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

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