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Mobilní aplikace pro vyhledávání zajímavých akcí a destinací v Brně

Bachelor's Thesis Student: Misař Ondřej Academic Year: 2021/2022 Supervisor: Dyk Tomáš, Ing.
English title
Mobile Application for Searching for Interesting Events and Destinations in Brno

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a mobile application that allows user to use a chatbot to search for interesting places and events in Brno. The application is developed on Android operating system using Kotlin language. It offers the user the possibility of communicating with the chatbot using hint buttons. It is implemented using the Rasa framework. The application offers the possibility to browse all events or places and view their detailed information. The user also has the possibility to view all items on the map. The data is stored on the server in a database where it is managed by the backend. It takes care of storing, processing and filtering the data. It is placed on the server together with the chatbot.


mobile application, Kotlin, Android, Chatbot, Rasa, Ktor, database, natural language understanding, natural language processing

Degree Programme
defended, grade B
16 June 2022
Herout Adam, prof. Ing., Ph.D. (DCGM FIT BUT), předseda
Bidlo Michal, Ing., Ph.D. (DCSY FIT BUT), člen
Hliněná Dana, doc. RNDr., Ph.D. (DMAT FEEC BUT), člen
Musil Miloš, Ing., Ph.D. (DIFS FIT BUT), člen
Rogalewicz Adam, doc. Mgr., Ph.D. (DITS FIT BUT), člen
MISAŘ, Ondřej. Mobilní aplikace pro vyhledávání zajímavých akcí a destinací v Brně. Brno, 2022. Bachelor's Thesis. Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology. 2022-06-16. Supervised by Dyk Tomáš. Available from:
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    school = "Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology",
    year = 2022,
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