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Linux systems at FIT


Windows 10 and Linux are dual-installed in all CVT FIT classrooms. Linux uses CentOS version 7 with gradual upgrades.

I will be grateful for any questions, comments and suggestions regarding Linux installations. All communication is best directed to e-mail, or personally:

Basics of work with Linux

  • Start the system

    When the computer is turned on/restarted, the operating system selection menu appears. Here you can select Windows 10 or Linux CentOS 7 (the last option will be remembered for the next time). After selecting Linux, the system will start and you can log in to your Unix account (like eva or kazi). The station starts directly into the graphical environment. Shutdown and restart is in the menu below.

    Switching from graphics to text mode is done by CTRL-ALT-Fn where n is the text console number (1-5). Console 1 is a graphical session, 2-5 are textual.

    In text mode, the login looks like the following:

        CentOS release 7 (Core)
        Kernel 5.4.210 on an x86_64

    Enter your login name at the prompt. The following prompt appears:


    Enter your Unix password to start the bash shell. It looks something like this:

        xkaspa06@merlin ~>

    If you need more information about shell commands, look at the man pages with man bash.

  • Finishing your work

    If you no longer want to work on the computer, just log out (exit or logout) and leave the station in linux (or restart it with CTRL- (left) ALT-DEL). To shut down the computer, use the poweroff command. It is enabled only for the locally logged on users.

  • Working in LInux

    After logging in, you will be mapped to your home directory from (students) or (employees and PhD students). In addition, some disk capacity is currently available on the merlin Linux server, which is mounted under the /pub directory on Linux machines. Here you will find the directory /pub/tmp with the usual purpose (like /tmp, but shared among Linux), as well as individual directories for other candidates and subjects (/pub/courses/...).

Linux servers

For the purposes of management, data sharing and the like is set up Linux server . The merlin server provides a shared disk connected to /pub and SVN/GIT to the project management tree. Any project can be included in the SVN/GIT system at the above mentioned address, the SVN/GIT tree administrator can be reached at linux@fit ....

Troubleshooting, comments and questions

In general, any uncertainties can be resolved by email to, especially:

  • Error notification: Send your computer name and a detailed description of the error or unusual behavior.
  • program comments: if you miss your favorite program, send me its name, a brief description and the address of some source, and if possible I will try to accommodate you and include it on the stations.

Any comments to this page should be sent to

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