Department of Intelligent Systems

Agents and Multiagent SystemsAGSW5Ex
Information System Security and CryptographyBIDS0Ex
Biometric SystemsBIOW5Cr+Ex
Information System SecurityBISW5Cr+Ex
Wireless and Mobile NetworksBMSW5Cr+Ex
Dynamic LanguagesDJAS5Ex
Formal Program AnalysisFADW0Ex
Geographical Information SystemsGISS5Cr+Ex
Advanced MathematicsIAMS5ClCr
Binary Code AnalysisIANS4ClCr
Machine Level ProgrammingISUS6Cr+Ex
The C++ Programming LanguageICPS4ClCr
Electronics for Information TechnologyIELW6Cr+Ex
Electronics for Information Technology (in English)IELeW6Ex
IBM zSeries ServersIIZS5ClCr
Java Programming LanguageIJAS4ClCr
The C Programming LanguageIJCS5Ex
Advanced Topics of Linux AdministrationILIW4ClCr
Modelling and SimulationIMSW5Cr+Ex
Operating SystemsIOSS5Cr+Ex
Programming SeminarIPSW2Cr
Intelligent SystemsISDS0Ex
Testing and Dynamic AnalysisITSS5Cr+Ex
Typography and PublishingITYS4ClCr
Introduction to Software EngineeringIUSW5Cr+Ex
Programming Apple DevicesIZAS5Ex
Fundamentals of Artificial IntelligenceIZUS4Cr+Ex
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (in English)IZUeW4Cr+Ex
Modelling and SimulationMSDW0Ex
Advanced Assembly LanguagesIPAS5Ex
Advanced Biometric SystemsPBDW0Ex
Parallel and Distributed AlgorithmsPRLS5Cr+Ex
Robotics (in English)ROBaW5Ex
Soft ComputingSFCW5Cr+Ex
Intelligent SystemsSINW5Ex
Complexity (in English)SLOaS5Ex
Simulation Tools and TechniquesSNTS5Cr+Ex
Theory and Applications of Petri NetsTADS0Ex
Game TheoryTHEW5Cr+Ex
Theoretical Computer Science (in English)TINeS5Cr+Ex
Theoretical Computer ScienceTINW7Cr+Ex
Higly Sophisticated ComputationsVNDS0Ex
High Performance Computations (in English)VNVeS5Ex
High Performance ComputationsVNVS5Ex
Java Programming Language (in English)IJAeW5ClCr
Secure Hardware DevicesBZAS5Ex
Principles and Design of IoTTOIS5Cr+Ex
Automated Testing and Dynamic AnalysisATAS5Ex
Sensors and MeasurementSEMW5Cr+Ex
Static Analysis and VerificationSAVW5Cr+Ex
Model-Based AnalysisMBAS5Ex
Selected Chapters on MathematicsMADS0Ex
Blockchain and Decentralized ApplicationsBDAS5Cr+Ex
Biometric Systems (in English)BIOeW5Cr+Ex
Seminar of Discrete Mathematics and LogicsSDLW1Cr
Secure CodingSCOW5Cr+Ex
Introduction to Logic for Computer ScienceIZLOS2Ex
Data WarehousingDS_2W5Cr+Ex
Compl - Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium
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