Department of Computer Systems

Bio-Inspired ComputersBINS5Ex
Master's Thesis (in English)DIPeS13ClCr
Master's ThesisDIPS13Cr
Evolutionary and neural hardwareEUDS0Ex
Evolutionary ComputationEVDS0Ex
Applied Evolutionary AlgorithmsEVOS5Ex
English: Practical Course of Business Conversation and PresentationFCEW3Cr
Functional Verification of Digital SystemsFVSS5Ex
Graphic and Multimedia ProcessorsGMUW5Cr+Ex
Communication and Presentation SkillsHKOW3Cr
Communication and Presentation SkillsHKOS3Cr
Hardware/Software CodesignHSCW5Cr+Ex
Leadership and Time ManagementHVRW3Cr
Leadership and Time ManagementHVRS3Cr
Bachelor's ThesisIBTS13Cr
Microprocessors and Embedded Systems (in English)IMPeS6Ex
Microprocessors and Embedded SystemsIMPW6Cr+Ex
Digital Systems DesignINCS5Cr+Ex
Digital Systems Design (in English)INCeW5Ex
Design of Computer SystemsINPW6Cr+Ex
Peripheral Devices (in English)IPZeS3Ex
Peripheral DevicesIPZW3Ex
Personal ComputersITPS4Ex
Term ThesisITTW5Cr
Data Coding and CompressionKKOS5Cr+Ex
Design of Embedded SystemsNAVS5Ex
Advanced BioinformaticsPBIW4Ex
Advanced Digital SystemsPCSW5Ex
Applications of Parallel ComputersPDDW0Ex
Advanced Techniques in Digital DesignPNDW0Ex
Semester Project (in English)SEPeW5ClCr
Semester ProjectSEPW5ClCr
Fault Tolerant SystemsSODS0Ex
Fault Tolerant SystemsSPPS5Cr+Ex
Professional Practice, AbroadZPXS5Cr
Professional Practice, AbroadZPXW5Cr
Hardware/Software Codesign (in English)HSCeW5Cr+Ex
Master's Thesis (in English)DIPaS13Cr
Semester Project (in English)SEPaW5ClCr
Digital Signal Processing (in English)CZSaW5Ex
Parallel Computations on GPUPCGW5Ex
Practical Parallel ProgrammingPPPS5Cr+Ex
Real-Time Systems (in English)RTSaS5Ex
Computation Systems ArchitecturesAVSW5Cr+Ex
Data Analysis and Visualization in PythonIZVW4ClCr
Brain Computer InterfaceBRIaW5Ex
Advanced Topics in NeuroimagingATNDS0Ex
Compl - Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium
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