Girls at FIT

IT is for everyone, regardless of age, nationality and not at all gender. Information technologies are all around us today and affect almost every area of lives, so it is important that both men and women participate in designing new technologies that create our future.

Today, many girls are studying at FIT and a number of successful female PhD students and scientists not only from the Czech Republic but also from abroad are working at FIT. IT is a varied and creative field, and with a good foundation, you can do anything - from multimedia through software engineering to bioinformatics. You can study FIT sitting at the computer without touching the solder, but if you enjoy hardware, robots or airplanes, you will also find it!

Thanks to the quality education and experience you will get at FIT, you will not be short of work. There is simply interest in the IT graduates, and even more in skillful IT girls!

Program your future at FIT!

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I belong here

Is technology just for boys? Nonsense!

  • Today, 10% of students are girls at FIT and this number is growing slowly but surely every year.

  • Girls have the same chance to get to FIT as boys. In the mathematical tests of SCIO, they are even one percentile better.

  • At FIT, girls and boys alike - both groups have the same study average.

Summer Computer School (F)IT for Girls

Summer computer school is designed for all girls from 12 to 19 years who enjoy technology. Do you want to program your Legorobot, build a chatbot, experience virtual reality or meet amazing women who have already done a lot in IT? Then don't miss this event!

Summer School for Girls

Google's First Lady knows that girls can do it

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