Degree Programmes

Information Technology

Full-Time 3 Years Title Awarded Bc.

The modern study field Information Technology will provide you with a wide range of practical applications. Courses include mathematics, electronics, programming and many others. You will be actively involved in research, where you will practice your practical skills. By the time you graduate, companies will be fighting for you. You will become analysts, programmers, testers and maintainers of various software systems, as well as managers and entrepreneurs in the ICT sector. After your bachelor's degree, you can also continue on to a follow-up master's degree.

Information technology moves the world

  • 79 %

    students gain practical experience

  • 95 %

    students successfully pass the State Final Examination

  • 99 %

    graduates find work in the month or continue in a master degree

  • 40 938 Kč

    is the average starting salary for graduates

1st Year

In the first year, you will acquire the basic knowledge necessary for further study of IT, from mathematics and electronics, through programming and digital systems to operating systems. Students can also take a number of supporting seminars (computer, mathematics, physics) or various social science and language courses.

They will pass on all their knowledge and hold you in difficult moments

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