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Bakalářské studium

  • 1 623

    applicants in 2019

  • 750

    of enrolled students

  • 70 %

    of successful applications


Important dates

Předchozí Následující

You do not need to do SCIO tests for example when…

  • You achieved a percentile of 97 or more in a standardized IQ test performed by Mensa.

  • You have reached a percentile of 80 or more for a math school-leaving exam.

  • You are among the 10% best in the regional round of national or international competition in mathematics, physics or computer science for high school students.

  • You placed on the 1st to 3rd place of the regional show of secondary school professional activity.

If you have satisfied…

either of the conditions for preferential admission, let us know in paper form by 31 March (the respective document is included in the e-application). If you do not yet know the results, for example results of the school leaving examination that you’re yet to take, you can submit the application at a later date – without unnecessary delay by 31 May.

  • The document must be an officially certified copy or confirmed by the issuing school.
  • The result of the Mensa IQ test can be proven by providing the original or officially certified copy of the test result (keep in mind that a mere notification of the result without the original signature is not a certificate). If you’ve completed the test in Czech republic and consent to the Mensa company providing us with your results, you do not need to provide the original certificate or the officially certified copy.
  • Percentile scored in the mathematical part of school leaving examination or in the Mathematics+ examination needs to be confirmed by the issuing school.

The application shall be upheld if either of these conditions are fulfilled, unless the degree programme capacity would be exceeded. In such case, the deciding factor is the application submission date.

A document proving that you've fulfilled the either of the conditions for preferential admission can only be used once per condition.


If you wish to study at FIT, but you did not satisfy any of the conditions for preferential admission, sign up for the National Comparative Examination SCIO – either of the OSP, MAT or VŠP test. You can take the test as many times as you need, we will only take into account the best result.

If you have submitted an application and paid the fee in time (by 31 March), FIT will allow you to take the NCE once free of charge – on 13 June 2020. Simply pick a place and SCIO will generate a voucher and send it to you.

Be sure to give your consent to hand over your result to FIT BUT – that is how we find out what percentile you’ve scored. The tests are carried out in compliance with the rules set by the SCIO company, the admission threshold is set by the Dean pursuant to the proposal of admission board, within three working days of receiving the results of all national comparative tests.

NSZ tests from previous years

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from 1 January 2020
to 31 March 2020


Did you know that…

…the 500 best high-school graduates receive a one time scholarship of 6000 CZK?

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