Erasmus+ programme - information for employees

If you are considering a trip abroad, read this general information carefully before visiting the FIT's External Relations Department to get a clearer idea and be able to ask more specific questions.

Selection procedures

Everybody who wants to go to Erasmus must go through a selection procedure, which is announced several times a year. You can see information about the current proceedings on the FIT website in the news section and also in the Dean's board report.

  • Terms

    Selection procedures are regularly held twice a year and there can be further announcements in the event of a surplus of funds.

    1. in December: for trips in the period from January to September of the following calendar year
    2. in May: for trips in the period from June of the current year to January of the following calendar year
  • How to participate?

    In order to participate in the selection process, you must send an e-mail to the External Relations Office within a set deadline, specifying where, on what date and for how long you plan to travel for the teaching mobility or staff training.

  • How to choose an institution?

    Browse the list of partners, see where you will not only enjoy going, but choose one where you are dealing with topics in which you teach or conduct research on. Then, contact the contract guarantor for more information.

  • How to choose the right training?

    Training can be done at a university or other educational institution or in a company and it is not necessary for BUT to have a cooperation agreement with this institution. If you are unable to find an internship on your own, the IMOTION search engine can help you. If you decide to travel to a partner institution, you need to contact the guarantor of the contract in advance.

  • Results of the Selection Procedure?

    In the following days after the deadline for signing up for the program, we will send you the results of the selection procedure and instructions on how to proceed. Finally, let us remind you that the nomination is considered to be binding and any cancellation should be made only for serious reasons. If you are not able to travel, please report this to the IRO (Rector´s office) and faculty officers.

Erasmus +: What to do before the trip and after returning?

Each trip is associated with a little administration. But it looks much more complicated than it really is. If you follow these steps, you can do everything with ease, but we will still be happy to help you:


    1. Create a travel order (TO) in the FIT information system (IS) and specify the date of travel and place of stay. You do not report any costs here; this will be done in your TO on BUT intraportal.
    2. Create a TO on the BUT intraportal and indicate the estimated approximate costs associated with the trip in the following composition: accommodation, travel day fare, public transport on site, TO from - to.
    3. Contact the IRO at least 3 weeks before the planned mobility with a mutually signed Mobility Agreement. Also, attach an e-mail to an overview of the estimated approximate costs associated with the journey in the following composition: accommodation, travel day fare, on-site public transport, TO from - to. Alternatively, if you already have it listed in TO, please let us know.
    4. You will be reimbursed travel expenses from advances that you may request when you approve a travel order or from your own resources if you do not request a deposit. The Rector's Office does not reimburse the advance invoices and it is also not possible to reimburse costs paid with the Faculty card or by transfer from the Faculty account.
    5. In order to be economical and efficient, please arrange travel and accommodation essentials well in advance to reduce the cost and potential financial contribution of the faculty.

    1. Do not forget to bring a duly completed and original confirmation of the length and content of your stay and all receipts and documents for travel and subsistence costs, account statements for payments, etc. It is necessary to state on the accommodation bill whether breakfast was taken or not.
    2. Documents must be delivered in person or by interfaculty mail mail to the Rector's Office and wait for their processing by the IRO and call for closure of the TO. Please do not end the road reimbursement prematurely.
    3. Terminate the TO in the FIT IS, print and sign and deliver it to the FIT Accountancy Office.
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