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Address: Božetěchova 1/2, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic

The FIT Campus is a unique combination of a sensitively reconstructed historic site and new modern buildings. Few of the faculties can boast of being listed on the list of castles in the Czech Republic and, moreover, being used meaningfully. The base and dominant feature of the campus is the reconstructed Carthusian monastery, which has been replaced by a modern auditorium complex. The overhead bridge connects the monastery with the institute pavilion, where classrooms, laboratories, study rooms and underground parking are located. The pavilion continues to the reconstructed monastery brewery, which includes catering facilities, as well as a student club or exhibition space. Part of the complex is also the publicly accessible monastery gardens around the historic premises and the chamber green park with a café.

The FIT Campus thus forms a multifunctional complex whose premises can be used for various events: conferences, seminars, exhibitions, social events and concerts.

In addition to the below, the Faculty also offers the rental of smaller classrooms, rooms or respirias, as well as outdoor areas (wineries, gardens). It also offers a range of additional services such as video recording, cleaning and third party catering. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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