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Specialized seminars

What are the professional challenges and needs in the various IT areas you are dealing with? What technologies and devices do you use for this? Present FIT students with the latest IT industry issues that you see today or with the future.

Show students what the IT industry involves.

  • First step Topic proposal

    FIT Partners, contact your FIT Guarantor to offer a workshop topic. There will be a discussion about the focus of the topic and the possible involvement of the FIT in the seminar.
  • Second step Seminar Promotion

    The FIT will promote the seminar internally to students who will vote on interest in the seminar. The result of the voting will be consulted with the Partner, who will then decide on the organization of the seminar and eventual deadline.
  • Third step Seminar realization

    A seminar takes place at the faculty in the given term, ideally in cooperation with the FIT Guarantor, including presentation of the possibilities of cooperation between students and the Partner.

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