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Day: 12 March 2020

BUT emergency measures due to the spread of coronavirus

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Dear students,

Based on today's emergency measures of BUT due to the spread of coronavirus, the personal presence of students at the Faculty of Information Technology in connection with their studies is prohibited until at least 12 April 2020 (including personal consultations). You will receive updated instructions on studying in your courses early next week. Please continue to pay attention to your studies, as it is possible that contact teaching will begin directly with the examination period. Study administration will be handled exclusively electronically or by mail.

We recommend to all students who live at the dormitory to leave the dormitory if possible. In addition, the residents are obliged to contact the official designated sites and management of KaM in the event of symptoms of the disease. Accommodated students are also obliged to observe sanitary and safety measures and minimize their stay in the common areas.

The aim of BUT is to enable, even in the emergency mode, regular completion of studies for final year students and fulfillment of all study obligations for other students.

The library and student club U Kachničky are closed. The study department will be closed for personal contact tomorrow. The FIT canteen will be closed from Monday 16 March 2020.

BUT shall provide further instructions by 25 March 2020 latest.

The primary channel that teachers will use for communication with you is your student email at FIT.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Jaroslav Dytrych, Richard Růžička and Pavel Zemčík

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