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Day: 29 September 2020

Algorithms developed at FIT help photographers. The new function can automatically straighten lines


Zoner Photo Studio can now recognise lines in the photo and straighten the photo according to these lines thanks to a new feature developed at the Faculty of Information Technology. It will be especially useful for architecture photographers. "They often want the vertical lines to be actually vertical and the photo not to "fall". The new feature detects lines that converge in the photo and automatically selects the appropriate ones for comparison. This makes it possible to correct the perspective of the image, but, at the same time, the software makes sure that the degree of deformation is not too significant," explains Roman Juránek, the author of the library, which Zoner has newly integrated into its product. You can see how intelligent line straightening works in the video.

The solution is part of the TAČR (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic) project. The computer graphics research group has also developed a solution for anonymising faces and vehicle license plates and is working on smart noise reduction in photographs or horizon detection.

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