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Day: 7 October 2020

Star(t)up@FIT: Students will be able to talk to successful start-up owners and investment managers, as well as to each other


What experience have you gained from your journey towards a successful business? Where to get the funds to start a new business? What are the success factors and what are the common mistakes of new entrepreneurs? These and other questions will be answered during the first two seminars of the Star(t)up@FIT programme. These will take place online - on Thursday, 22 October, there will be a panel discussion titled Od studenta k CEO/CTO (From Student to CEO/CTO) with successful start-up owners, and on Wednesday, 4 November, a discussion with Martin Kešner, Investment Director of a VC Fund - J&T Ventures, as part of the Od nápadu k produktu (From Idea to Product) seminar. Students can also discuss their innovative and business ideas with each other and with FIT consultants in a working group established on Discord.

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