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Day: 22 July 2021

(F)IT Summer School for Girls will support female IT students for the fifteenth time


The Faculty of Information Technology of BUT will host fifteenth edition of the (F)IT Summer School for Girls. Its aim is to encourage girls to pursue education in IT. "Although the proportion of female students at our faculty is slowly increasing, the number is still far from ideal. This is also reflected in the representation of women in this field, with the Czech Republic still lagging behind most European countries in this respect. Since women are very successful in IT, it is a great shame that there are not more of them in this field," says Pavel Zemčík, Dean of the Faculty.

This year's event, which will take place from 23 to 27 August, is aimed at female secondary school students. The five-day event will introduce them to different areas of information technology and the latest trends, but most importantly, they will have the opportunity to try everything out in practice. Participants can look forward to programming a video game, building a robot, creating a chat application, making a prototype using a 3D printer, seeing virtual reality demonstrations or working with biometrics.

"We are a technical university, but there is no reason why IT should be more difficult for women. Even our experience shows how successful women are in IT. The idea that IT is not for women still probably resonates in some parts of society, which is a great shame," says Vítězslav Beran, Vice-Dean for External Relations. The Summer School would like to help break down this stereotype and show that IT is a diverse and creative field, in which you can do anything, provided you have a solid baseline. "Nowadays, information technology affects almost every aspect of our lives, therefore, it is important that both men and women are involved in designing new technologies. Women are truly welcome in IT, because they can bring fresh perspectives to problem solving and teamwork," adds Šárka Květoňová, the head organiser of the event.

More information and the programme of the event can be found on the Summer School's website or the event page on Facebook.

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