Organizational structure

Boards of Degree Programmes

Degree Programme Boards are established as advisory bodies for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. The Doctoral Degree Programme Board is established for the doctoral study programme. The Dean appoints degree programme boards and doctoral programme boards. The Degree Programme Board has at least five members. It comprises the Guarantor of the study programme and at least two other members of the academic staff that participate in the courses of the programme. A student body member and a representative of the industry partners outside of BUT. The chairman of the Board is always the Guarantor of the study programme. The student body member is appointed based on the recommendation of the Student chamber of the Academic Senate of the faculty.

The Degree Programme Board is an advisory body for the Guarantor of the study programme. Its objectives are mainly to:

  1. discuss possible changes, extensions of timeframe or ability to carry out the study programme,
  2. monitor and evaluate the quality of the teaching carried out in the study programme,
  3. discuss the evaluation report of compliance with the requirements from the Standards of the BUT study programmes,
  4. evaluate the development of the study programme yearly.

The Doctoral Degree Programme Board has the following objectives:

  1. gives an opinion on the proposals of the supervisor,
  2. approves the topics of independent scientific, research and development activities or independent creative artistic activity for the doctoral study programme that is submitted to the supervisor (later referred to as “topic of the doctoral study”), and it approves the topics of the dissertation theses,
  3. discusses changes in the structure of courses that are a part of the particular study programme,
  4. proposes the members of the entrance exam board for the specific study programme,
  5. evaluates the recommendations of the Doctoral study admissions board and presents the proposal for the applicant's acceptance to the Dean,
  6. gives an opinion on a maximum number of doctoral students that the supervisor can lead,
  7. provides a view on the individual study plans of the doctoral students and to the proposed changes to these plans,
  8. discusses the grading of the doctoral students submitted to the supervisor,
  9. advises the Dean on the termination of study for the doctoral student for the failure to fulfil the individual study plan requirements. The student can attend this meeting of the Board, both the student and the supervisor are going to be informed about the meeting well in advance,
  10. evaluates the individual supervisors with the results being given to the Dean,
  11. evaluates at least yearly the level at which the doctoral study programme is carried out, the results are given to the Dean,
  12. initiates proposal for changes of the study programme with regards to the accreditation requirements,
  13. approves the content and scope of the doctoral exam,
  14. proposes the heads and the members of the doctoral examinations boards and for the doctoral thesis defences.

The compositions of the boards are listed in the details of degree programmes.

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