Supercomputing Technologies Research Group SC@FIT

Supercomputing Technologies Research Group SC@FIT

The Supercomputing Technologies group focuses on the architecture and implementation of high performance computing systems, their operation and energy efficiency. The group specialises in the design and development of highly optimised algorithms, communication overhead reduction and scalability. The group's principal application is the k-Wave toolbox for tissue realistic simulation of ultrasound wave propagation.

Research interests

Hardware topics

  • Architecture of parallel systems
  • Performance and scaling models of parallel systems
  • HPC systems based on GPUs and other accelerators
  • Low power systems, power-performance optimization

Software topics

  • Domain decomposition for spectral methods
  • Automatic load balancing on heterogeneous systems
  • Multi-scale and multi-physics model coupling
  • Asynchronous input/output in HPC applications
  • System for managing and monitoring supercomputers
  • Modern programming languages in HPC (Python, OpenACC, Thrust)


  • Simulation of ultrasound propagation in human body
  • Acceleration of photoacoustic imaging
  • Design of ultrasound sensors
  • High performance scientific applications

Project video

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Current research themes

The research group currently works on the PAMMOTH project on the photoacoustic breast screening. The group is involved in the data collection, on-the fly data quality assessment, and the offline processing on the supercomputer. The image reconstruction is done using our massively parallel implementation of the k-Wave toolbox based on the local decomposition of spectral methods. The full processing automation and monitoring is ensured by the in-house tool k-Dispatch

The group also participates in the project focusing on neurostimulation and neurosurgery. Here, we have been developing the elastic wave simulator accounting for both compression, and shear waves and a novel numeric method for solving problems with jump discontinuities. 


Significant results




PRACE Summer of HPC

Computing resources


Collaboration offer

The SC@FIT research group offers collaboration in the design and development of applications demanding high compute power, large operational memory and big data. We have deep experience in the R&D of scientific codes for shared memory systems (high-end servers), distributed systems (clusters) and hybrid systems with processors and graphics processing units.

The group also offers the application of the k-Wave toolbox for the nonlinear simulation of ultrasound wave propagation in medical and industrial problems.

Current Collaboration


Brno University of Technology
Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Computer Systems
Bozetechova 2, Room L334
612 66 Brno, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 54114-1207

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