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Classifier creation framework for diverse classification tasks

Created: 2010

Czech title
Obecný framework pro tvorbu klasifikátorů
no - free

framework, feature extractors, linear SVM, SGE


This software package contains the extendable framework for classifiers creation of various tasks. The only requirements for input object type is ability to be converted to set of feature vectors, the rest of computing is done by framework, finally the classifier is created. The framework can be used for clasifiers creation using training part of dataset and then do the testing on testing part and thus show the classifier accuracy. The framework consists of several basic parts which are replaceable such as feature extractor, codebook generator, codebook translator and classification technique. Sample applications of these are included. The whole process can be computed on local computer or in Sun Grid Engine schedulling system. The software package contains the framework files, sample feature extractor, sample classification technique and the particular documentation of system setup and the user guide.


Brno University of Technology, faculty of Information Technology IČ 00216305, Božetěchova 2, 612 66 Brno, (further only FIT BUT) is entitled to license the authorized software accessible at the "Authorized software" page (further only authorized software). Everyone who uses the software in any way at least once becomes the user. The user agrees to comply to the following conditions of use.

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- cannot be modified as the whole or any of its parts so that the information about FIT BUT is removed,

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- authorized software is not possible to use for commercial purposes; the commercial usage is only allowed with the permission of FIT BUT.

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