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Funkční vzorek vysokorychlostní sondy pro monitorování IPv6 provozu

Created: 2013

English title
Functional sample of highspeed network probe designed for monitoring of IPv6 traffic
functional specimen
required - optional free
network monitoring, FPGA, probe
High-speed LI network probe (further on probe) is designed to capture the network traffic of interest tapping links up to 10 Gbps.
The traffic of interest is forwarded to the mediation function using INI3 protocol. The probe is able to capture all traffic regardless of the utilization of lines or traffic characteristics (e.g., packet size, number of flows). This results in a lossless data capture. The lossless data capture is very important from the perspective of successive tools working with the captured data. Related tools are trying to reconstruct the communication. This typically requires a complete reconstruction of the intercepted communications.  Otherwise, the reconstruction is rendered very difficult or not possible.

Functional sample consists of four components:
  • server,
  • network acceleration card with FPGA,
  • firmware for acceleration card,
  • software.

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