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Platforma na bázi FPGA pro filtraci provozu v sítích do rychlosti 100 Gb/s

Created: 2014

English title
FPGA-Based Platform for Traffic Filtration in 100 Gbps Networks
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100 Gbps networks, FPGA platform, network traffic filtration, cuckoo hash
This platform targets network traffic filtration in 100 Gbps networks. The platform is based on a PCIe acceleration card called COMBO that utilizes 100G network interface, Virtex-7 HT FPGA and three QDR memory modules with aggregated throughput of 100 Gbps. Thanks to efficient utilization of the cuckoo hash algorithm, the platform is able to filter nework traffic in 100 Gbps networks. Moreover, a unique architecture of the filter allows to specify thousands of filtration rules in a form of either IP addresses or network flow 5-tuples. Therefore, the platform can be used in the area of network security as well as lawful interception. Efficient use of the Vivado Design Suite also makes the platform easily extensible with the help of Vivado IP cores methodology.
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