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Zařízení pro on-line zpracování videosekvencí v reálném čase

Created: 2020

English title
Device for online real-time video processing
functional specimen
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video and image processing, event-based video analysis, video activity detection, video tracking, event classification, complex events, drone, HDR


The VRASSEO device provides the online real-time image processing from various image sources. The system is designed with regard to the need to run it on machines with different computing power. The architecture of the solution allows the system to scale from an instance with one camera and one sensor module running on a regular laptop, to a distributed system analyzing data from multiple cameras on several computing machines. The system consists of a server for managing video data and metadata extracted from them, a set of sensing and video-processing modules for extracting metadata from video-streams, operational application with GUI to visualize and control the system and mobile capture device, which is a remotely controlled unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) with additional sensors (cameras, IMU, developed HDR camera etc.) enabling the acquisition of high quality image data.


For information on license conditions, please contact the Business Development Manager of FIT: Ing. Petr Sadovský,, tel. 541141472, ev. his representative at the Research Center of Information Technologies of the Faculty of Information Technologies, Brno University of Technology, Božetěchova 2, 612 66 Brno.

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