Computer Graphics Research Group

Computer Graphics Research Group

The computer graphics group focuses on research  and applications of algorithms modelling and rendering including large and distributed scenes and hardware acceleration of rendering. The group is responsible for teaching of several courses for all FIT students and also specialised courses in the M.Sc. programme.

Research interests

  • Realistic rendering of spatial scenes
  • Particle systems (point clouds) rendering
  • Large and distributed scenes
  • Acceleration of graphics algorithms in hardware
  • Animation of articulated structures, their kinematics and dynamics
  • Image and multispectral data compression
  • User interfaces

Current research themes

Computer graphics group includes all people with interest in computer graphics at DCGM FIT. The main research focuses include acceleration of graphics through FPGA and DSP, medical applications of computer graphics (see also medical applications group), realistic rendering, 3D data sharing in computer networks, and automatic video sequences processing.

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