Project Details

Interaktivní podpora výuky funkcionálního a logického programování

Project Period: 1. 1. 2010 - 31. 12. 2010

Project Type: grant

Code: FR2392/2010/G1

Agency: Fond rozvoje vysokých škol MŠMT

Program: Fond rozvoje vysokých škol (FRVŠ)

English title
Interactive support for teaching functional and logic programming

reduction, resolution, SLD, Prolog, animation, functional programming, logic programming


We have created an interactive tool for demonstrating various types of reductions and resolutions of classical logic and functional programming languages.  We have focused on the reduction in lambda calculus and SLD resolution in Prolog. We have used animated examples to get the students familiar with reduction and resolution techniques in functional and logical programming languages.

Team members
Jirák Ota, Ing. (UIFS FIT VUT) , research leader
Goldefus Filip, Mgr. (UIFS FIT VUT) , team leader
Křivka Zbyněk, Ing., Ph.D. (UIFS FIT VUT) , team leader


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