Project Details

Java platform for hIgh PErformance and Real-time large scale data management (JUNIPER)

Project Period: 1. 9. 2013 - 30. 11. 2015

Project Type: grant

Code: 318763

Agency: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 7th Framework programme

Program: Seventh Research Framework Programme

Czech title
Java platform for hIgh PErformance and Real-time large scale data management (JUNIPER)

Performance guarantees, realtime, Big Data, streaming data, stored data, parallelisation, Java


The efficient and real-time exploitation of large streaming data sources and stored data poses many questions regarding the underlying platform, including: 1) Performance - how can the potential performance of the platform be exploited effectively by arbitrary applications; 2) Guarantees - how can the platform support guarantees regarding processing streaming data sources and accessing stored data; and 3) Scalability - how can scalable platforms and applications be built. The fundamental challenge addressed by the project is to enable application development using an industrial strength programming language that enables the necessary performance and performance guarantees required for real-time exploitation of large streaming data sources and stored data. The project's vision is to create a Java Platform that can support a range of high-performance Intelligent Information Management application domains that seek real-time processing of streaming data, or real-time access to stored data. This will be achieved by developing Java and UML modelling technologies to provide: 1) Architectural Patterns - using predefined libraries and annotation technology to extend Java with new directives for exploiting streaming I/O and parallelism on high performance platforms; 2) Virtual Machine Extensions - using class libraries to extend the JVM for scalable platforms; 3) Java Acceleration - performance optimisation is achieved using Java JIT to Hardware (FPGA), especially to enable real-time processing of fast streaming data; 4) Performance Guarantees - will be provided for common application real-time requirements; and 5) Modelling - of persistence and real-time within UML / MARTE to enable effective development, code generation and capture of real-time system properties. The project will use financial and web streaming case studies from industrial partners to provide industrial data and data volumes, and to evaluate the developed technologies. 318763

Team members
Smrž Pavel, doc. RNDr., Ph.D. (UPGM FIT VUT) , research leader
Rychlý Marek, RNDr., Ph.D. (UIFS FIT VUT) , team leader
Škoda Petr, RNDr. (UPGM FIT VUT) , team leader
Dytrych Jaroslav, Ing., Ph.D. (UPGM FIT VUT)
Fučík Otto, doc. Dr. Ing. (UPSY FIT VUT)
Jeřábek Jan, Bc.
Kouřil Jan, Ing. (UPGM FIT VUT)
Musil Petr, Ing., Ph.D. (UPGM FIT VUT)
Otrusina Lubomír, Ing. (UPGM FIT VUT)
Zachariáš Michal, Ing., Ph.D. (UPGM FIT VUT)






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