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Performance Measurement of Complex Event Platforms

ZÁMEČNÍKOVÁ Eva and KRESLÍKOVÁ Jitka. Performance Measurement of Complex Event Platforms. Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences (online), vol. 40, no. 2, pp. 237-254. ISSN 1846-9418. Available from: https://jios.foi.hr/index.php/jios
Czech title
Měření výkonnosti komplexních platforem
journal article
CEP, high frequency data, decision making, StreamBase, Esper, srovnávací testování  
The aim of this paper is to find and compare existing solutions of complex event processing platforms (CEP). CEP platforms generally serve for processing and/or predicting of high frequency data. We intend to use CEP platform for processing of complex time series and
integrate a solution for newly proposed method of decision making. The decision making process will be described by formal grammar. As there are lots of CEP solutions we will take the following characteristics under consideration - the processing in real time,
possibility of processing of high volume data from multiple sources, platform independence, platform allowing integration with user solution and open license. At first we will talk about existing CEP tools and their specific way of use in praxis. Then we will mention the design of method for formalization of business rules used for decision making. Afterwards, we focus on two platforms which seem to be the best fit for integration of our solution and we will list the main pros and cons of each approach. Next part is devoted to benchmark platforms for CEP. Final part is devoted to experimental measurements of platform with integrated method for decision support.
Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences (online), vol. 40, no. 2, ISSN 1846-9418
Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb
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