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Dependable Systems International Research and Educational Experience

KORNECKI Andrew J., GREGA Wojciech, THIRIET Jean-Marc, ŠVÉDA Miroslav, GONZALES Avelino and THARP Hal. Dependable Systems International Research and Educational Experience. Daytona Beach: European Comission EU, 2008.
technical report
Kornecki Andrew J. (ERAU)
Grega Wojciech (AGH)
Thiriet Jean-Marc (LAG)
Švéda Miroslav, prof. Ing., CSc. (DIFS FIT BUT)
Gonzales Avelino, Dr. (UCF)
Tharp Hal, Dr. (UAZ)
Excelence in Mobility, Real-Time Software-Intensive Control, International Collaboration

This four-year Excellence in Mobility (EIM) project is proposed by a consortium of three American and three European university partners. The project proposes mobility exchange of students pursuing graduate (Master level) engineering degrees in the areas supported by the consortium partners. The plan is to implement a mechanism for involving students from multilingual, geographically separated institutions in a coordinated educational and research experience exposing them to the problems, methods, solution techniques, infrastructure, technologies, regulatory issues, and design/verification tools usually not available in their home program. Four of the six consortium partners are currently participating in successful two-year Policy Oriented Measures project: ILERT - International Learning Environment for Real-Time Software Intensive Control Systems (http://www.ilert.agh.edu.pl/) funded in 2006 in the framework of the EU-US cooperation Atlantis program. The preliminary analysis of the consortium partners' programs based on the ILERT findings, allowed partners to recognize specific areas of focus and to identify the preliminary list of courses that the overseas students could take while spending a mobility term abroad.

European Comission EU
Daytona Beach, US
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