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Essentials of Work and Study in Research and Technology 1

WP1a Acad. year 2023/2024 Winter semester 1 credits

The study activities happen during face-to-face meetings once a week with student's Patron - an academic who helps the student in the studies, consults with them both scholarly and organizational issues and helps them with communication with other academics. The Patron helps the student with selection of elective courses that determine the focus of their studies and thus helps them concieve their "individual study plan". Besides that, the Patron helps the student identify gaps in their knowledge which would complicate study in the study plan's courses and directs them towards individual study aimed at overcoming these gaps.


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Learning objectives

Help student, often coming to the english masters programme from a foreign institution, to get oriented in the organization of studies at FIT BUT and to sucessfully start their masters studies at FIT BUT.

Overview of organization of study at FIT BUT. Understanding of principles of individual engineering work and self-study. Selection of suitable courses that will form a coherent and manageable individual study plan of the student.

Communication with the Patron. Self-management and planning of own study and focus.

Why is the course taught

The student will be weekly meeting with their Patron - a designated academic who will help the student as a guide in orientation in the study at FIT BUT, in the selection of individual courses so that they would form a coherent and fitting individual study plan, and in identifying gaps in the student's knowledge, so that they will be able to overcome them and succeed in the studies at FIT BUT.

Progress assessment

Meetings with the Patron.

Exam prerequisites

Active participation in the weekly meetings with Patron. Active and thougthful selection of courses, active self-study.

Course inclusion in study plans

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