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History and Philosophy of Technology

FIT ICV FIT Acad. year 2023/2024 Summer semester 2 credits

The subject "History and Philosophy of Technology" represents an introduction into the particular stages of development of the technology with respect to the surrounding cultural climate and the philosophical streams on the background of which these particular chapters of the history take place. The subject deals also with the risk factors the civilization brings about, and suggestions are given how to overcome them.


Klapetek Milan, ThMgr. (ICV-Sekce HV)

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  • 26 hrs lectures



Klapetek Milan, ThMgr. (ICV-Sekce HV)

Learning objectives

The target of the subject is to instigate in the listener the awareness of glorious and many thousand years long history of the technology, and to give him/her the knowledge of relationships with the entity of human culture and the resulting ethical responsibility of any individual to whom technology should become a vocation.
The information transferred should provide the students with the knowledge of the amazing drama hidden behind an apparently cold and non-personal phenomenon of technology. The purpose is to establish links to the specific engineering subjects and to other branches of the culture.

Prerequisite knowledge and skills

It is a course of the non-structured ending study program

Syllabus of lectures

Od nejstarší industrie po megalitické stavby
Starověk a helénistická věda a technika
Středověk - technika ve stínu chrámu
Renesanční inženýři, nový obraz světa
Dlouhá cesta k parnímu stroji
Průmyslová revoluce v Anglii
Setkání vědy a techniky
Spalovací motor, turbina a nové možnosti
Elektřina od Thaleta k Coulombovi
Galvani a další
Elektromotorický princip na světě
Dějiny přenosu informací po jiskrovou telegrafii
Vynálezectví a etické souvislosti techniky dnes


Wed lecture lectures Aula profesora Braunera 08:0009:50338 1BIA 1BIB 1MIT 2BIA 2BIB 2MIT 3BIT xx Klapetek

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