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New technologies for biometric recognition based on hand characteristics

Ph.D. Thesis Student: Dvořák Michal Academic Year: 2022/2023 Supervisor: Drahanský Martin, prof. Ing., Dipl.-Ing., Ph.D.
Czech title
Nové technologie pro biometrické rozpoznání na základě charakteristik ruky

Biometrics allows us to identify or verify people based on their physical characteristics. Although the recognition itself may be very fast, extracting the chosen biometry features in the real world is a non-trivial task. To perform a recognition on a large number of people, for example at an airport, we need to perform the scanning and recognition in the shortest possible time, ideally without the user having to stand still. In this dissertation thesis, I focus on the development of a touchless and therefore hygienic biometric system, capable of performing identification, feature extraction and subsequent recognition on the fly using hand characteristics, and other systems and algorithms needed to solve this complex problem.  This thesis presents the current state of research and development in the field of biometric identification based on selected hand characteristics, with a focus on identification using hand geometry and fingerprints. Further it also discusses the technological principles used for the collection of the characteristics.

According to the dissertation objectives, formulated on the basis of the research, the practical part of this thesis deals with the development of biometric systems for use to identify large numbers of people in flight, for which most current biometric systems based on hand characteristics are not suitable. The thesis then addresses related issues, in particular presentation attack detection and biometric multimodality.


Biometrics, hand geometry, 3D hand geometry, biometric identification, biometric verification, line scan camera, dynamic acquisition, on the fly acquisition, stereo vision, watchlist technology

Degree Programme
Computer Science and Engineering, Field of Study Computer Science and Engineering
7 March 2023
DVOŘÁK, Michal. New technologies for biometric recognition based on hand characteristics. Brno, 2022. Ph.D. Thesis. Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology. 2023-03-07. Supervised by Drahanský Martin. Available from:
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