Schedule for Drawing up Bachelor's and Master's Theses

The formal requisites of a Bachelor's Thesis are addressed in the third year of Bachelor Degree Programme in the Term Project course (ITT) and, subsequently, in the Bachelor's Thesis course (IBT). The formal requisites of a Master's Thesis are addressed in the second year of Master Degree Programme in the Term Project (SEP) course and, subsequently, in the Master's Thesis course (DIP). This is followed by defence in the first part of the State Final Examination (SFE), for which you must properly register, during (re)registration in the module Registration of courses. The assignment contains information on the requirements to be met by the semester project and defended in the examination period for the winter semester, where the credit is granted by the supervisor based on the recommendations of the established defense committee. The credit for the summer semester is granted for the submission of the thesis. If credit for the IBT/DIP course has not been granted, it is necessary to cancel your application for State Final Examination via the application in the Administrative procedures and applications module to avoid losing the term for State Final Examination.

For the accademic year 2023/2024, the following schedule is to be observed:

  • November of the penultimate year

    Approximately from the presumed penultimate year of study, the student can preliminarily select the assignments of his/her Bachelor's or Master's Thesis in the BUT IS from the free assignments from this academic year and from the available assignments for the next academic year. If a student finds an assignment interesting, it is recommended to agree on a consultation with the assignment's supervisor and the latter may register the assignment for the student based on mutual agreement. Should a student be interested in an assignment which has already been taken by another student, he/she may still contact the supervisor - the latter will often be willing to supervise a student with a strong interest in and motivation for the relevant assignment and may announce an additional, very similar assignment. It is possible to begin working on the assignment more than six months in advance.

  • September 1

    The available assignments will be hidden in the IS from 1 September and the lecturers will update them for the next academic year. aktualizaci pro následující akademický rok.

  • September 10

    The assignments available for the current academic year will be displayed on 10 September and students in the last year of their studies may again visit the supervisors and reserve assignments with them.

  • September 10 - September 27

    The process of registration for Master's and Bachelor's theses takes place from 10 September to 27 September after consulting the possible supervisors, where it is very desirable and recommended that students also contact the possible supervisors in this period and have their approved topics registered (a student may select a supervisor and supervisors may select from among the students applying for a topic).

    Registration for topics by the supervisors:

    • for the last year of BIT, from 0.00 a.m. on 10 September 2023 to 8.29 p.m. on 27 September 2023
    • for the last year of MIT, from 0.00 a.m. on 10 September 2023 to 8.44 p.m. on 27 September 2023
  • September 27 - October 4

    The second phase of registration for the Master's and Bachelor's theses takes place between 27 September and 4 October, this time by electronic means on the "first come, first get the assignment topic" basis. Any students who have not yet registered for an assignment must choose one of the available topics and register for it. Even during this period, a potential supervisor can still be contacted about the custom assignment, but it must be taken into account that the supervisor may not be able to supervise any more work because he/she has exhausted the limit on the number of supervised assignments.

    Electronic registration for assignments in the BUT IS:

    • for the last year of BIT, from 8.30 p.m. on 27 September 2023 to 11.59 p.m. on 4 October 2023
    • for the last year of MIT, from 8.45 p.m. on 27 September 2023 to 11.59 p.m. on 4 October 2023
  • September 27 - October 11

    The assignment can be finalised and adjusted to comply with the common idea of the supervisor and the student within approximately one week after the electronic registration is completed. It is also necessary to agree with the supervisor at this time on the time of commencement of the work and intervals between the periodic consultations. It is therefore desirable that the student visit and consult the supervisor not later than one week after the registration.

  • October 18

    The supervisor must perform any adjustments of the assignment no later than the date specified by the department to which he/she belongs. This is also the last opportunity for those still undecided to apply for their own assignment. This date will be set at approximately 18 October 2023.

  • October 19 - October 26

    The control committees for the assignments at the individual institutes meet between 19 and 26 October 2023.

  • November

    Once the assignment is approved, a link to download the assignment in PDF format for inserting into the technical report will be made available in the IS in early November (My Final Project module > Templates for download section). If you do not have an approved assignment after November 1, please contact your supervisor. If the supervisor does not respond to your inquiry within a reasonable time, contact the department head to which the supervisor belongs.

  • January

    The technical report on the semester project for the Master's Thesis, the scope of which is about one half of the Master's Thesis, is to be submitted during the first days of the winter-semester examination period. If the supervisor does not inform the student otherwise, the technical report should be submitted to the IS, within the My Final Project module, where the "Semestral Part of Thesis" file type needs to be selected when submitting the form. The text can be submitted multiple times, the original version can be deleted and a new one uploaded instead. The supervisor can request also a printed form in ring binders (this can be obtained in the library). The outputs for the Bachelor's semester project shall be submitted on the basis of the supervisor's instructions.

  • Half of January

    The defence of semester projects for Bachelor's and Master's theses takes place approximately from the half of the second week, but no earlier than 8 January 2024, to the half of the last week of the examination period for the winter semester. The defence of the semester projects are planned by the institutes and research groups and the dates are published around the half of December. If the defence is not scheduled by the institute or research group, it is scheduled centrally by the course guarantor. For both Bachelor's and Master's Thesis it is obligatory to to prepare a presentation lasting no longer than 5 minutes. You can find out the assigned committee and other instructions from your supervisor or in the My commissions module.

  • Half of February

    A student who has been unsuccessful in the defence will cancel the follow-up IBT or DIP course and the application to the State Final Examination by the end of the second week of teaching in the summer semester in order to avoid forfeiture of the defence date. It is advisable to the same also if a student is unsuccessful in some other compulsory courses, because a thesis cannot be changed once submitted and if you study one year longer, it is advantageous to use this period of time for refining the thesis.

    If you wish to continue with the same assignment next year with the same supervisor, ask them to write your assignment for the next academic year. If you want a different assignment, the first point of this time-table applies to you and you can select an assignment in advance in the Registration of final project module.

  • April

    Not later than one month before submitting the thesis (see below), it is necessary to apply for postponement of the publication of the thesis in the Administrative procedures and applications module, if appropriate (this applies in particular to assignments involving liaison with business), which is possible for a maximum of 3 years under the law. If you want to apply for postponement of the publication, make sure you read the submission guidelines carefully as they differ from the standard ones.

  • 2 weeks before submission

    If the supervisor is unable to read the final version of work because it was submitted too late (typically less than 3 days before handing over), it will indicate in the report and lead to a deterioration in the evaluation. It is advisable to submit the text to the supervisor for review at least 1 to 2 weeks before submission.

    Any postponement of submission by one week or until the end of July (and hence also postponement of the State Final Examination to August) on grounds of health or for any other reasons must be applied for in the Administrative procedures and applications module at least 2 weeks before the submission deadline.

    If the thesis is written in English, it is necessary to prepare an extended abstract in Czech in advance.

  • May

    The theses shall be submitted in printed form, where one print (two prints in the event of postponed publication) must be submitted in hard-case binding which cannot be disassembled. It is therefore necessary to have a time reserve for printing and binding. Some bookbinders require the order for the binding and information about the approximate number of pages 3 to 7 days in advance. The print (or prints) of the thesis, as well as the electronic version, must contain the assignment, which can be downloaded from the IS in PDF and inserted into the template. A storage medium is inserted in the original print of the thesis (in the case of postponement of the publication of the thesis, in both prints).

    In accordance with the deadlines set by the academic year time schedule:

    • Bachelor's theses shall be submitted by 9 May 2024,
    • Master's theses shall be submitted by 17 May 2024.

    A thesis is considered submitted only when it is submitted both in electronic form in the IS and in printed form. Electronic submission is done within the My Final Project module, where you need to select the file type "Final Thesis", paper submission is then done in room C208 (submission of the paper version before the electronic version is not possible). The office hours of the Organizational Department are usually changed for submissions; you will find the current form of these hours in the study news from approximately mid-April.

  • June

    A presentation for defence at the State Final Examination (SFE) must be prepared after the submission. It is advisable to consult the supervisor on the presentation; the supervisor will provide advice on whether the presentation contains all essential facts. You are required to bring the presentation for the defence on a USB Flash, ideally in a root directory named after the login (which is usually copied into the computer by the Committee Secretary).

    The defence at the SFE itself consists of a presentation lasting 5 minutes (Bachelor's Thesis) or 8 minutes (Master's Thesis or any work within Erasmus) followed by discussion. Subsequently, the student proceeds to the oral part of the final examination.

    If a student fails in defending his/her thesis, he/she is not required to repeat courses such as ITT, IBT, DIP, but only to resubmit and defend the thesis. In order to be able to repeat the whole SFE after a possible failure, it is necessary to apply for "Enrolment or cancelling of the enrolment of the course" in the IS within a week of the SFE and within this week to apply for the registration of the IBTo/DIPo course (virtual course for the registration of a new assignment) and registration for the SFE for the next year. If you are unsuccessful in the oral part only, you just need to apply for registration for the SFE and can choose between the August term and the following year's term. A re-defense of the thesis in August can also be requested, but if it has been judged unsatisfactory only because of the formality of the technical report, it is typically not granted because there would be insufficient time to revise it.

Responsibility: Ing. Jaroslav Dytrych, Ph.D.
Last update: 2024-05-09 18:03:21
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