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Modelování link-state směrovacího protokolu OSPFv3

Master's Thesis Student: Mrázek Jakub Academic Year: 2013/2014 Supervisor: Veselý Vladimír, Ing., Ph.D.
English title
Modelling of OSPFv3 Link-State Routing Protocol

OMNeT++ is a discrete event, modular simulator often used for simulation of computer networks. The universal simulator can be extended by various packages, such as INET framework, which is used for simulation of devices and TCP/IP protocols. This thesis examines facilities of INET package in the routing that is dynamic routing protocols. Concretely, it aims at OSPF protocol for IPv6 networks (OSPFv3). The protocol is presented and its principles are interpreted. The work is designed to simulate the module OSPFv3 protocol and module is partially implemented.


Link-state routing protocol, OSPFv3, network simulation, discrete simulation, OMNeT++, INET framework

Degree Programme
Information Technology, Field of Study Computer Networks and Communication
defended, grade D
25 June 2014
Švéda Miroslav, prof. Ing., CSc. (DIFS FIT BUT), předseda
Fučík Otto, doc. Dr. Ing. (DCSY FIT BUT), člen
Holík Lukáš, doc. Mgr., Ph.D. (DITS FIT BUT), člen
Návrat Pavol, prof. Ing., Ph.D. (FIIT STU), člen
Ryšavý Ondřej, doc. Ing., Ph.D. (DIFS FIT BUT), člen
Smrž Pavel, doc. RNDr., Ph.D. (DCGM FIT BUT), člen
MRÁZEK, Jakub. Modelování link-state směrovacího protokolu OSPFv3. Brno, 2014. Master's Thesis. Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology. 2014-06-25. Supervised by Veselý Vladimír. Available from:
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    school = "Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology",
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