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  • 1. I changed my password, but I forgot it

    If you forget your password, follow the instructions at:

    Long story short:
    BUT login or password: ask permit to use initial password again from FIT mail to
    FIT password: Ask for a password change using BUT messages. Message should be addressed to id 1898 (just if you do not want to search), or go to visit card When logged-in to BUT Portal, you can use a button labeled "Send BUT Mesage". The answer will be sent through this channel back. After reset you can find your new password at logon page (you will need your BUTlogin and password).

  • 2. My connection to some servers through PuTTY does not work anymore (I cannot connect to, but I can access the faculty website

    It is likely the DNS records for your IP are not correct. Try to check your IP address at or

    The issue must be fixed by the ISP. More details regarding how and why direct and reverse records should be set can be found at:

    Of course, a direct record must exist as well and the reverse and direct records must match.

    If you recognize no problem mentioned above, continue with Guideline for solving problems

    If the problem is unsolvable with the ISP, you can temporarily bypass it using VPN FIT

  • 3. email, roundcube, Thunderbird, Outlook - I can't log in

    To log in you have to use just login (not an e-mail address). So in fied named "User", "Username" or "Login" cannot be anything with On the other hand in field "e-mail address" must be full e-mail ( Otherwise mail will not be sent because of an invalid sender e-mail address.

    Last but not least: you have to use FIT password, not the BUT password!

    You can find your initial FIT password at logon page (you will need your BUTlogin and password).

  • 4. I've changed my password for WIS and email successfully, but can't logon to Windows

    Passwords for Unix and Active Directory are distinct. You have to set both. Either use the method in next FAQ or you can set the same password in WIS for Active Directory (students in the Passwords tab, employees in the Operations tab). The change in AD will take effect immediately

  • 5. I would like to change my e-mail password, but I don't know how

    Access to email uses the Unix password you have on the relevant Unix server (Eva for students, Kazi for FIT staff). You can change the Unix password in wis (students in the Passwords tab, employees in the Operation tab

    This will also change the Active Directory password, so it is the recommended method.

    Attention! Better write down the new password and keep it in a safe place. If you forget the new password, you have to go to the first answer.

  • 6. Is there any way to determine the amount of free space in a given mailbox? I want to prevent a situation where I learn that my mailbox is full from other people informing me that attachments cannot be delivered to my mailbox. I tried the Display Quota Thunderbird add-on, but IMAP probably does not send information on the allocated quota.

    The size of inboxes is not limited. However, the size is checked periodically, and the owner of overly big mailbox is informed to limit its size. In order to limit the size of a mailbox, it is not sufficient to simply delete the messages, it is also necessary to perform the folder maintenance, which physically removes deleted message from the mailbox. Your case, however, deals with the maximum size of a message. That is, indeed, limited. In general, it holds that it is not suitable to use e-mail to send messages larger than 1 MB. If you want to send larger attachment, the web interface allows you to leave it on the server and attach only a link to the e-mail.

  • 7. I deleted all received e-mails by mistake. I want to ask if it is possible to restore them. Thank you

    Most clients delete messages by moving them into the recycle bin (trash). If the bin has already been emptied or if you set it to automatically discard all files, the e-mails can only be restored from a backup. You can find what can be restored and how to do it at /units/cvt/net/backups.php.

  • 8. I receive no e-mails. I have had this problem since the beginning, but I need it solved only now.

    (How to change mail forwarding?) It is likely your mail is being forwarded. You may have set up forwarding of your mail in the .forward file (not recommended). Solution: delete the file.

    Forwarding through procmail (.procmailrc) can be set from the web interface at

    Simple recipes can be defined manually according to the following guides: /units/cvt/net/procmail.php. We recommend you to use one of the examples in the article and test the result!

    Please note: if you the use web interface to set forwarding, you cannot change the .procmailrc file manually. If there is a manually created .procmailrc file, the web interface will not allow you to save the configuration and you will have to delete the .procmailrc file manually.

    Second option: if you use the web interface, the e-mails are listed in pages (25 by default) and sorted from the oldest. That means that new messages are on the last page. You have to simply switch to sort by date from the newest and your new e-mails will be visible right after you log in.

  • 9. I keep receiving an e-mail saying that my inbox is too large. I already deleted everything, but I keep receiving the message.

    Size of the mailbox is a file size-related information, that is no mistake. Most mail clients delete messages by marking them as deleted but will leave them in the mailbox until you instruct them otherwise. It is likely that your deleted messages have not been removed. If your mail software cannot remove them or you do not know how to instruct it to do so, you can remove them at: (Clean up deleted files item located under the list of messages).

    You do not have to erase the messages, you can simply move them to other folders.

  • 10. How can I access mail and data after completion of my studies?

    Access to the academic computer network is only provided to active students and employees of BUT. After you complete your studies, you lose access rights. Your student account is automatically blocked within 24 hours of the completion of your studies being recorded in the central information system.

    Holiday-period after the State examination is the only exception; in this case, there is a time period for enrolment into further studies and cleaning up after successful completion of studies.

    That means that you must copy your data in time. The mail can be forwarded (preferably through the web interface); you will keep receiving mail forwarded in this manner for about 90 days of the completion of your studies.

    Temporary unblocking of the account is not possible (the automatic system will quickly block it again).

  • 11. How can I obtain Microsoft software for students from the Dream Spark programme (formerly MSDN Academic Alliance)?

    Microsoft software from the Dream Spark programme (formerly MSDN AA) is available to students of the FIT through the e-academy; for more information see the Wiki including some FAQs. Note this information may not be available in English.

  • 12. IMAP4 - no messages in the INBOX folder

    Hello, I recently installed the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client. I completed the installation and logged in my e-mail through, but the INBOX folder still reports that there are no messages in the folder even though I know that is not true.

    If you use the POP3 protocol from a computer, the messages will be moved to a local folder on said computer (even though some clients allow read messages to be left on the server). If you want to read your mail from several different places, you need to always use the IMAP protocol.

    What can be done if it already happened?

    Create another account in the same software, this time using the IMAP protocol, copy the contents of local mailboxes (especially the inbox) to some folder on the IMAP server and subsequently delete the POP3 account.

  • 13. Web - my student website does not work

    Each time you log in to the eva server, a brief instruction is shown; here is the summary:

    • Create a WWW directory: mkdir ~/WWW in the home directory
    • set permissions: chmod -R o=rX,g= ~/WWW (i.e. a permission to read and execute for everyone but prohibited writing and no group permissions)
    • set permissions for home directory as follows: chmod o=x ~
    • the WWW directory must contain a valid index.html or index.php file. HTML files must be readable "for everyone" - chmod o+r. PHP scripts are executed under your identity; therefore, they must be readable for owner (usually the default setting).
    • to check the permissions - example:
      eva ~> chmod -R o=rX,g= WWW
      eva ~> ls -ld WWW
      drwx---r-x 2 xtest99 vti-fekt 512 21 oct 16:10 WWW
      eva ~> ls -l WWW
      total 0
      -rw-r----- 1 xtest99 vti-fekt 0 21 oct 16:17 index.php
      eva ~> chmod o+r WWW/index.php
      eva ~> ls -l WWW
      total 0
      rw-r--r-- 1 xtest99 vti-fekt 0 21 oct 16:17 index.php

    If your account has been blocked, the WWW directory was renamed to WWW.lock. After unblocking the account, you must manually rename the directory back:

     mv WWW.lock WWW 

    and set permissions as described above. In addition, permissions are automatically repaired every night so if you do not get it right today, it should work tomorrow. And vice versa - if it is found that you do not have a valid index file, access to the WWW directory will be blocked.

  • 14. Web - I want different PHP version than 8.1

    If you want to use different version of PHP (for example 8.3), all you have to do is rename the PHP scripts from .php extension to .php83 (.php73, .php74, .php80, .php82). If you do not want to rename all the files, create a file named .htaccess in the root of your WWW directory with the following contents:

    AddHandler application/x-httpd-php83 .php

    The file must be readable by anyone but must not be writable. (For PHP 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.2, you can use the name php73, php74, php80, php82, etc.).

  • 15. eva/cc - mám problémy s překladem C++

    The eva compiler is not a GNU GCC, but an LLVM CLANG, which may have different checks and versions of libraries than the GNU GCC. If you write your own code, it is better to write it so that it is portable and works on both platforms. To compile using GNU GCC12 you can use:

    g++12 -g -Wall -pthread -c
    g++12 -g -pthread -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc12 -o example example.o

    (-pthread is for multithreaded programs, -Wl,-rpath for the correct version of the GNU C++ standard library). Similarly, this can be used on merlin for compilation with a different version of GNU GCC than the default version.

  • 16. When I log in to Windows, I have a temporary profile, if I log out, everything is deleted

    If your roaming user profile does not copy over to the workstation successfully, the system will use a temporary profile; it is usually stored in c:\users\TEMP.

    Potential causes:

    • There is a file that cannot be copied in the profile - e.g. something blocked by an antivirus (almost every keygen contains something malicious).
    • The profile is too large - this can easily happen during work with virtual machines, also check the folder with downloaded files. Do not save larger files to your desktop but rather on the network drive P:

    When it already happened: Open the saved profile and use the right mouse button to verify its size or perform an antivirus scan. A profile can usually be found here: \\fik\profiles$\login-name.V2 (or .V6 in Windows 10).

    A profile that was successfully copied to the computer is placed in %USERPROFILE%.

  • 17. Did not find what you were looking for?

    Try to read the guides at: and only then ask. Point your questions to persons with relevant competences - see Help in solving issues; never use addresses like info@, studinfo@, etc. for these purposes.

    The students of the FEEC can use these guides while taking into account that they have different servers and different computer laboratories - their guides can be found at: and may be different.

    Keep in mind that you are obliged to use the university e-mail address to communicate with the university, except for cases when you address an issue that prevents you from accessing the university e-mail (but in this case, it is usually required to visit the university in person anyway).

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