Computing Centre (CVT) is part of Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) of Brno University of Technology (BUT). Operation is performed by CVT's people-in-charge during announced operation time. CVT may be accessed by:

  • Students of FIT.
  • Students with registered course at FIT.
  • FIT staff and BUT staff teaching at CVT's labs.

Other students may access CVT on CVT's head permission only. Persons without permission are not allowed to enter CVT.

  1. Students are required to register and sign these Regulations at the beginning of the school year.
  2. Students are required to register each entrance and departure of CVT with student's ID card. Permission to enter is indicated on card reader display. In case of negative indication or without ID card the admission is possible after announcing and proving identity at reception. In such case permission may not be issued when in doubt.
  3. Student may not allow to enter any other person.
  4. On entrance of CVT students have to change to their own slippers. The slippers may be left permanently in blue-labeled boxes.
  5. Lost CVT card or keys has to be reported without delay.
  6. It is prohibited to infringe technical equipment in labs (detach covers, disconnect or connect cables, connect unauthorized devices to computer network etc.) Any failure has to be reported to receptionist immediately!
  7. Notebooks may be connected to network on dedicated places only while complying with the conditions of BUT computer network operation rules.
  8. No food is allowed in labs, no smoking is allowed anywhere in CVT.
  9. Users are obliged to follow security regulations for handling electrical devices.
  10. The FIT computer network is part of the BUT computer network and users are obliged to comply with the BUT computer network operation rules.
  11. Users are obliged to acquaint themselves with guidelines for computer network available at
  12. Software installed on laboratory computers is licensed for educational purposes only. Users are obliged to verify license prior to any other use. Licenses may be checked at

In Brno, Sep. 24 2007

Ing. Petr Lampa
Head of CVT FIT

Prof. Ing. Tomáš Hruška, CSc.
Dean of FIT

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