Department of Information Systems

Information Systems Analysis and DesignAISW5Cr+Ex
Selected Topics on Language Parsing and TranslationAPDW0Ex
Design and Security of Enterprise NetworksCCSW5ClCr
Network Cabling and Routing (CCNA1+CCNA2)I1CW4ClCr
Economics of Information ProductsEIPW5Ex
Functional and Logic ProgrammingFLPS5Cr+Ex
Graph AlgorithmsGALW5Ex
Graphical User Interfaces in X Window SystemGUXW5Ex
Algorithms (in English)IALeS5Cr+Ex
Security and Computer NetworksIBSS4Cr+Ex
Bachelor's Thesis (in English)IBTeS13ClCr
Database SystemsIDSS5Cr+Ex
Database Systems (in English)IDSeS5Cr+Ex
Formal Languages and CompilersIFJW5Cr+Ex
Formal Languages and Compilers (in English)IFJeW5Cr+Ex
Information SystemsIISW4Cr+Ex
Multimedia Transmission over IP NetworksIMUS4ClCr
IT Service Design and ImplementationINIW4ClCr
Computer Communications and NetworksIPKS4Cr+Ex
Principles of Programming Languages (in English)IPPeS5Cr+Ex
Principles of Programming LanguagesIPPS5Cr+Ex
Project Practice 1 (in English)IP1eW5ClCr
Project Practice 1 (in English)IP1eS5ClCr
Project Practice 1IP1W5ClCr
Project Practice 2 (in English)IP2eS5ClCr
Project Practice 2IP2S5ClCr
Project Practice 3IP3W5ClCr
Network Applications and Network AdministrationISAW5Cr+Ex
PC SeminarISCW2Cr
Term Thesis (in English)ITTeW5Cr
Web DesignITWS5ClCr
Web Design (in English)ITWeW5ClCr
Introduction to Programming SystemsIZPW7Cr+Ex
LAN Switching, Accessing the WAN (CCNA3+4)I2CS4ClCr
Project ManagementMPRS5Cr+Ex
Microsoft Windows Desktop SystemsIW1W5Cr+Ex
Microsoft Windows Server SystemsIW2S5Cr+Ex
Programming .NET and C#IW5W5ClCr
Projecting, Administration and SecurityNSBS5Cr+Ex
Advanced Database SystemsPDBW5Cr+Ex
Distributed Application EnvironmentPDIW5Ex
Data Communications, Computer Networks and ProtocolsPDSS5Ex
Advanced Information SystemsPISS5Cr+Ex
Project ManagerPMAS5ClCr
Advanced Operating SystemsPOSS5Ex
Project Practice 1 (in English)PP1eW5ClCr
Project Practice 1 (in English)PP1eS5ClCr
Project Practice 1PP1S5ClCr
Project Practice 2PP2W5ClCr
Strategic Management of Information SystemsSRIW5Ex
Modern Theoretical Computer ScienceTIDW0Ex
Programming Language TheoryTJDW0Ex
Selected Topics of Information SystemsVPDS0Ex
Compiler Construction (in English)VYPaW5Ex
Internet ApplicationsWAPS5Cr+Ex
Knowledge Discovery in DatabasesZZNW5Cr+Ex
Graph Algorithms (in English)GALeW5Ex
Advanced Database Systems (in English)PDBeW5Cr+Ex
The C# Programming LanguageICSS4ClCr
Data Communications, Computer Networks and Protocols (in English)PDSeS5Ex
Digital Forensics (in English)DFAaS5Ex
Distributed Application Environment (in English)PDIeW5Ex
Data Storage and PreparationUPAW5Cr+Ex
CCNA Cybersecurity Operations (in English)CSOaS5ClCr
Regulated Grammars and AutomataRGDW0Ex
CCNP Enterprise: Core Networking (ENCOR)CE1W5ClCr
CCNP Enterprise: Advanced Routing (ENARSI)CE2S5ClCr
Advanced Communication SystemsPKSaW5Cr+Ex
Project Practice 2 (in English)PP2eS5ClCr
Ontologie a sémantický webSWDW0Ex
Compl - Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium
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