Below, you will find a list of courses which will be taught in English in the selected academic year. For more information, please contact Ing. Michaela Studena.

Some useful advice:

  • Students enrolling in a course at the FIT BUT are fully responsible for all consequences resulting from not possessing all prerequisite capabilities, knowledge and skills related to the course in which they enroll. Lack of prerequisite knowledge may lead to failure in the final evaluation and examination and to the loss of the relevant credits. The prerequisites are usually contained in the description of the prerequisite subjects mentioned for the relevant courses in the Course Details. The teacher of the course is not expected to take particular care of any student who lacks prerequisites. In the case of late arrivals, the teachers are not obliged to provide additional instruction to make up for the study subjects missed.
  • The essential prerequisite for most courses is a practical knowledge of programming, at least in C/C++ or Python.
  • In each course there is an internally specified minimum amount of enrolled students.
  • Students who enroll in courses that are subsequently closed due to lack of sufficient interest will be offered the option of applying for an alternative course.
  • Please use the abbreviations from the table as follows:

Bachelor courses

Master courses

all years of study, winter semester

BAYaBayesian Models for Machine Learning (in English)5ExFIT
BIOeBiometric Systems (in English)5Cr+ExFIT
CZSaDigital Signal Processing (in English)5ExFIT
GALeGraph Algorithms (in English)5ExFIT
GJAeGraphical User Interfaces in Java (in English)5Cr+ExFIT
HSCeHardware/Software Codesign (in English)5Cr+ExFIT
PDIeDistributed Application Environment (in English) *)5ExFIT
PGPaAdvanced Computer Graphics (in English)5ExFIT
PGReComputer Graphics (in English)5ExFIT
POVaComputer Vision (in English)5ExFIT
PP1eProject Practice 1 (in English) **)5ClCrFIT
ROBaRobotics (in English)5ExFIT
SEPeSemester Project (in English) **)5ClCrFIT
TAMaApplication Development for Mobile Devices (in English)5ClCrFIT
VYPaCompiler Construction (in English)5ExFIT
ZPJaNatural Language Processing (in English)5ExFIT

all years of study, summer semester

CPSaCyber-Physical Systems Design (in English)5Cr+ExFIT
CSOaCCNA Cybersecurity Operations (in English)5ClCrFIT
DFAaDigital Forensics (in English)5ExFIT
DIPeMaster's Thesis (in English) **) ***)13ClCrFIT
MTIaModern Trends in Informatics (in English)4ClCrFIT
MULeMultimedia (in English)5ExFIT
PDSeData Communications, Computer Networks and Protocols (in English)5ExFIT
PP1eProject Practice 1 (in English) *) **)5ClCrFIT
PP2eProject Practice 2 (in English) *)5ClCrFIT
RTSaReal-Time Systems (in English)5ExFIT
SLOaComplexity (in English)5ExFIT
TINeTheoretical Computer Science (in English)5Cr+ExFIT
UXIaUser Experience and Design of User Interfaces and Services (in English)5ClCrFIT
VGEeComputational Geometry (in English)5ExFIT
VIZaVisualization and CAD (in English)5ClCrFIT
VNVeHigh Performance Computations (in English) *)5ExFIT
ZPOeImage Processing (in English)5ExFIT
ZREeSpeech Signal Processing (in English)5ExFIT

Doctoral courses

all years of study, winter semester

TIDModern Theoretical Computer ScienceExFIT

Compl: Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium

*) Course is not open in this academic year

**) Enrollment in these courses depends on the availability of a supervisor who must be appointed before signing the Learning Agreement. Students interested in these courses are required to send their Transcripts of Records and specify the area(s) of their interest for project work by email to well in advance.

***) Bachelor's or Master's Thesis is a 13-credit course in the summer semester and it follows up a Term project (thesis) in the winter semester, which is a compulsory prerequisite.

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