Study rules for incoming students

Students are expected to regularly attend courses entered in their Learning Agreement (LA). The lectures are public and attendance is not obligatory but students who have signed up for the given course are advised to attend the lectures. The lecturer can monitor individual students. attendance. Attendance in exercises is obligatory and will be monitored via attendance sheets. The teacher can set a minimum attendance in exercises. Students are reminded that failing to respect the deadlines set in the course by the teacher means that they will be awarded zero points for the particular part of the course.

With the exception of lectures, students should not attend further courses without prior agreement with the respective teacher. Any course that is not included in the student's LA will not be regarded as signed up for; the student will not get any points and cannot complete the course.

Alterations can be made to the LA within 2 weeks from the semester beginning via submitting to the International Relations Office (M. Studená) a completed LA attachment.

Students are obliged to familiarize themselves with the plan for the academic year; the deadlines given there as well as those given by the teachers in individual courses are binding on them. If they find there is a collision between the teaching schedule and some important national holidays, they should report this fact to the teacher.

In the course of their studies, FIT students can use the services of the Computer Centre. When coming to the Centre for the first time, they must familiarize themselves with the CC Operating Regulations (see Instructions and manuals) and respect them. Entry to the Centre is made possible using the student's ID card; this will check their access right and register their presence.

In case that an act of academic dishonesty is discovered, the teacher is entitled to grant the student 0 points. If plagiarism is suspected, starting disciplinary proceedings will be proposed. Full texts of the Rules for Studies and Examinations of BUT and Disciplinary Rules for FIT and BUT are available here:

At the end of the lecturing part of the semester the teacher announces the term(s) of examinations and the students are automatically assigned to the first of them. If the students fail the examination, they are entitled to maximally two resits of the examination; they themselves sign up for a scheduled repeat examination. If the students cannot come to the examination they have signed up for, they are obliged to inform the respective teacher sufficiently in advance. The teacher will decide whether a student that has obtained sufficient points to complete the course will be allowed to repeat the examination. Always, the last achieved result is considered valid.

In any correspondence with teachers or faculty employees, the students are obliged to use the faculty e-mail account, which they will obtain when enrolling for the studies, together with the login and password for accessing the faculty network. Access to faculty e-mails is via the web interface.

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