Protection of personal data

Personal data processed about applicants

For the purposes of the admission process, the data controller processes the following personal data of the data subjects that students are:

Identification and contact details:

Name (if any, other names) and surname, surname, titles, personal identification number, address of permanent residence in the Czech Republic, address of residence outside the territory of the Czech Republic or, where applicable, the address of delivery in the Czech Republic, if it was provided to the entity in its interest, for foreigners also date of birth, sex, residence in the Czech Republic and citizenship, Email address, mobile phone number.

Data on previous education

Departmental identifier of the school in which the candidate received secondary school education with a school-leaving examination, higher vocational education or higher Vocational education in the conservatory or the state of previous education, if it is a foreign school, field of education or accredited education program, year of graduation or discharge, details of the study program to which the applicant applied, including its code and information about the result of the admission procedure and information about the previous one studying at university (colleges).

Additional information:

Information on the fulfillment of other admission requirements concerning with certain knowledge, ability or talent or benefit from secondary schools, possibly higher professional schools or universities, including, where applicable, medical or medical data the status and specific needs of the applicant, if any set in the conditions for admission to study.

Information on the processing time of personal data

Personal data will be in paper form and electronic information systems processed during the admission procedure, then unsuccessful applicants for a maximum of 10 years after the decision comes into force of non-admission, unless they are marked as archival records and deposited in the appropriate archive. For applicants admitted to study, if to study at BUT, personal data will be processed in paper form and electronic information systems 3 years from the date of enrollment for studies. Applicants' personal data, who have not passed the admission test will be processed at paper form and electronic information systems maximally 3 years from the date of completion of the admission procedure. Email information address and mobile number are processed for a maximum of 1 year after the admission procedure. After the above deadlines the relevant documents will be handed over for shredding and electronic data information systems cleared.

Personal data of applicants who have entered the course of study, will be further processed as personal data of students.

Legality of personal data processing

Legal reason for processing personal data of applicants is the law (§ 50, § 49 par. 1 and 5, § 87 par. 1 letter i) of the Act on Higher Education Institutions and Amending and Supplementing other Acts (the Act on Universities), as amended) and the performance of tasks in the public interest (Section 21 (1) (e) of the same Act).

Transmission of Personal Information

Personal data pursuant to the provisions of § 87 para. i) of the Act on Higher Education Institutions handed over to the beneficiary, which is the Ministry education, youth and sports, at Karmelitská 529/5 118 12 Prague 1. If the fulfillment of the admission requirements is verified using the results of the National Comparative Tests, elaborates personal data of applicants for study at, s.r.o. based on a processing contract with BUT. If the conditions are met admission to study is verified on the basis of the applicant's application at Mensa Czech Republic, ID No. 45248591, processes personal data applicants for Mensa Czech Republic or Mensa Slovakia Republic on the basis of a processing contract with BUT.

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