Intelligent Systems Research Group

Intelligent Systems Research Group

The group focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of the design and implementation of intelligent systems, particularly in the areas of softcomputing, machine learning, software agents and robotic systems.

Research interests

  • Artificial Intelligence, Soft computing, Machine Learning and optimization 
  • Software agents and multiagent systems
  • Trust and reputation in distributed and multi-agent systems
  • Robotic systems and intelligent sensors 
  • Model driven development of intelligent systems 
  • Planing and Scheduling 
  • Combinatorial optimization in operational research tasks (production, logistics) 
  • Modelling, simulation and prediction in technological processes 

Current research topics

  • Multiagent programming languages and models
  • Design and implementation of systems based on models (model-continuity)
  • Optimization of production processes. Optimization in logistics
  • Deploying simulation calculations in the cloud infrastructure environment
  • Project DEMoS (Database of Early Modern Sources) - database of registry data transcriptions and creation of genealogical models

Significant results


  • Cooperation with FME BUT on the solution of TAČR project FW03010505 Control system for virtual power plants based on artificial intelligence
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