Robotic research group Robo@FIT

Laboratory of human-robot communication

The lab focuses on research and experimentation in human-machine communication, and research in the lab focuses on human interaction with robots. The lab is spatially interconnected with a robotic lab, and ground robots are used to various experiments. The lab is further equipped with an extensive set of sensors for sensing the situation in the robot environment, positioning and movement of people and robots, operator gestures etc., as well as a number of specific imaging devices for realizing virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR glasses, Spatial AR and mobile devices).


Robotic Lab

The robot lab is made up of several detached workplaces and is equipped with mobile robots for land and air movement in both indoor and outdoor environments. There are also laboratories for the development of platforms and electronics, such as the development of the RUDA rescue robot and the laboratory for industrial manipulation for experiments with the industrial manipulator MELFA. The equipment of the laboratory enables to study in the areas of data fusion from different sensors (image, depth, inertial, etc.), measurements and reconstructions in 3D space, planning and navigation of ground and air robots, human interaction with robot, validation of perception technologies in robotic or supervisory systems, etc.

Robotic lab equipment:

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